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Thursday, May 18, 2017

I give up!


Short of a new haircut, nothing will surprise me anymore about America's president, and I similarly feel like giving up when I look at the local scene.

Our once venerated RSL is being investigated for financial scandals involving millions of dollars (click here), a former Australian of the Year finalist is involved in fraud and deception (click here), the once highflying Clive Palmer can't remember much (click here), jailed Eddie Obeid is still getting paid his six-figure parliamentary pension (click here), and now the ATO Deputy Commissioner's son has been charged over his alleged role in a fraud syndicate that is claimed to have stolen more than $165 million which make it one of Australia's biggest white-collar crimes (click here). With the country in such a mess, no one would want to invade us which is just as well because the Australian Navy's two new $1.5 billion ships are out of action (click here).

I think I give up and just drown myself in the local pool. Then again, I'd better ring them first as it may be 'women only' today (click here).